Pricing Analyst (PA) Level 1

Full time position in Chicago, IL


Position Title: Pricing Analyst (PA) Level 1

Position Type: Full Time

Reporting To: Operations Manager

Location: 2 N Riverside Plaza Suite 2450, Chicago, IL 60606


Purpose of the Position:  The Pricing Analyst role is to provide pre-sales support for new and existing customers by completing requests for quote proposals, creating formal presentations, performing new opportunity registrations, and support the mission and vision of the company

Essential Functions:

  • Create and provide sales quotes & formal presentations
  • Provide timely and accurate data entry & information management
  • Work with vendors to request pricing when quoting portal is unavailable
  • Review incoming proposal requests, and manage due dates
  • Work with Inside Channel Managers to follow up on outstanding quotations, improve quotation process & measure effectiveness
  • Utilize available resources to present a comprehensive list of potential solutions
  • Register new opportunities via vendor portals to assure protection of all opportunities
  • Takes part in continuous training efforts to further sales support skills & product knowledge
  • Actively participate in overall day to day operations of the company

Qualification Highlights:

  • Extremely well organized with strong attention to detail
  • Technologically savvy; including high familiarity with Word, Excel, and data base applications involving computer use and data entry
  • Ability to handle, and simultaneously balance, a wide variety of multiple tasks under short time constraints
  • Be able to support others and lead projects as required
  • Thrive in an environment that values servant leadership, high efficiency, personal dependability and organizational commitment

Requirements & Experience:

  • Undergraduate degree
  • Similar full-time work experience is preferred. Proven part time work or other job-related experience is required.
  • 40-hour work week working from the Avant office “office hours.”

The information contained in this job description is intended to convey information about the essential functions and requirements of the position.  It is not an exhaustive list of the skills, efforts, duties, responsibilities or working conditions associated with the opportunity. In addition, the employee should be able to communicate effectively and in a constructive manner with management, peers and coworkers.

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