COVID-19: Enable Your Work From Home Workforce Today

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Questions to Evaluate Your Work From Home Readiness

When evaluating or developing your “Work From Home” (WFH) strategy, ask yourself these questions:

What does your phone system/conferencing setup look like today?
Are you confident your current telephony/collaboration solution can facilitate a WFH strategy? If not, what concerns do you have?
How many users do you have total and where are they located? How many of these are remote users or will need to become remote users?
Which products are you using today to communicate internally or externally (MSFT Teams, Zoom, WebEx, Slack, etc.)? Do you like them?
Where are you storing your customer information today (e.g., are you using a CRM)?
Do you have any kind of contact center functionality today? Is that something you’re interested in now or in the future?
Are there any compliance standards your organization needs to meet and how does WFH affect this compliance?

Help is on the Way

AVANT trusted advisors stand ready to ensure your WFH strategy and technology stack will work for your company and to get assistance in deciding, procuring, and implementing the best solution. We’ll pair you with a local trusted advisor to help you navigate the many options and help you make the best IT decision for today’s immediate needs and enhance your future business! Contact us today

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