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Register for the March BattleBriefing

SD-WAN Pitch Practice

March 8th, 12 PM CST

SD-WAN Pitch Practice

If you attended the February BattleBriefing -The Exploding SD-WAN Opportunity - you know that SD-WAN is on fire.  IDC predicts SD-WAN will continue to grow at 90% CAGR till 2020 reaching $6B in revenue.  We’re past the awareness and early adoption phases and moving quickly towards significant market penetration.  With adoption on the rise and accelerating quickly, now is the time for you to get into the market and sell this panacea solution to your customers before they get locked in by your competition.  This month, we’re going to teach you how. 

Arm Yourself for Battle. Register Today!

Our partners TRIPLED their SD-WAN Revenue in 2017. 

You can too!  By now, you’re convinced that now is the time to get into the SD-WAN game; so what do you do now?  How do you make sure you lock in SD-WAN deals in before someone else does.  The February BattleBriefing will show you how, including;
  • What are the conversation starters?
  • How do you move the deal forward from prospect to opportunity to close? 
  • What are the silver bullets you need in your pitch to win! 

Join AVANT for what we do best - Sales Enablement – for one of the cloud services we sell the best – SD-WAN.

SD-WAN Pitch Practice
Thursday, March 8th

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