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Register for the September BattleBriefing

Security Pitch Practice

September 13th, 12 PM CST

Secure Your Share of the Market

By now, you know that thanks to a zero percent unemployment rate, high-profile incidents in the news, and an ever-changing threat landscape, Security is hot.  Really hot. With demand on the rise and accelerating quickly, and too-few qualified resources available in the market, now is the time for you to get into the Security business.  Your customers need it, and if they don’t get it from you they’ll get it somewhere. Last month we taught you how to identify new opportunities and open the door. This month, we’re going to teach you how to pitch your Security practice and close that business.

Arm Yourself for Battle. Register Today!

Secure an Unfair Advantage in the Market 

Last month, AVANT and a panel of experts shared their knowledge of Today’s Security Landscape with partners that wanted to learn about today’s security trends and and customer hot buttons.  This month we're helping you sharpen your sales skills so you can win more Security deals.  Join us for Security Pitch Practice to get the blueprint for opening, and closing, a conversation about Security with your customers.

Join us for:
Security Pitch Practice 
Thursday, September 13th

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